About Rosie...

I am a nurse and midwife with over 10years experience, so I have cared for hundreds of women and their babies and have seen first-hand the amazing benefits of hypnobirthing. My active registration can be confirmed on the Nursing and Midwifery Council Register.

I also have two children of my own, and often wish I had discovered hypnobirthing earlier so I could have tried it myself.

Having worked in a busy London hospital for several years, and then a busy local hospital, I decided to have a change of pace and pursue a great passion of mine, antenatal education.

When I heard about the KG Hypnobirthing teacher training course, I felt it was a brilliant way to combine antenatal education with hypnobirthing, something I’d always be fascinated by. Through completing this Royal College of Midwives accredited course, I now hold a Diploma in Hypnobirthing. The KG course exceeded my expectations and I am very excited to share this knowledge and help to empower you in your pregnancy and birth.