Baby Massage Course


What is Baby Massage?

Baby massage is an amazingly enjoyable way of enhancing the bond and secure attachment between you and your baby. The techniques of baby massage have been passed down through many generations in lots of countries of the world and therefore the techniques you learn are derived from techniques from Sweden, China and India.

Baby massage is a way of enhancing your bond with your baby through becoming more in tune with their cues and behaviours and demonstrating your love for them through massage, to help them feel more calm and content.

Massage is beneficial for both you and your baby and these benefits include:

  • helping your baby sleep deeper and longer

  • helping your baby to feel loved, valued and understood

  • improving your baby’s circulation and digestion

  • helping weight gain and overall development for your baby

  • relieving symptoms of wind and constipation for your baby

  • relieving symptoms of teething for your baby

  • help you to feel more confident and reduce anxiety and depression

My Course

My course is taught over 6 sessions which can be 1:1 or in small group. The sessions will be held in the comfort of your own home.

In my experience as both a midwife and a mother, I have found baby massage to be invaluable in cementing the bond between you and your baby. The techniques learnt during the course are simple but effective and can be used from newborn right into childhood.

I usually recommend to start the course anytime between 6 weeks of age and up to when your baby starts crawling.

Included as part of the course, you will receive a comprehensive handbook, starter oils and delicious refreshments.

What Shall I Bring?

Oils and mats to use during the sessions will be provided.

Please bring:

  • you and your baby!

  • a clean, soft towel to lie your baby on

  • a blanket in case they get cold

  • your usual changing bag with nappies, milk, etc.


  • £60 for 6 1 hour sessions

If you would like to book a baby massage course, please contact me