Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions


Practice makes perfect…

Practicing your relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques are vital to the success of hypnobirthing. It is a skill and does need to be learnt and practised. Sometimes, in our busy lives it is difficult to find the time to practice but it is so worth it.

My pregnancy relaxation sessions are an opportunity to take this time out and listen to scripts read by myself and really connect with your baby and develop your confidence for birth and becoming a mother.

This hour long session will involve a relaxation time, as well as opportunity for any questions you may have, or things you’d like to go over. They will take place in the comfort of your own home and can be in a group session if you have a small group who would like to join you.


  • £12 per person for a 1hour session

  • £20 person for 2 1hour sessions