Terms and Conditions


All courses must be booked and paid for in full in advance. 

The fee will be repaid promptly and in full if your baby arrives before the course commences, or in the very unlikely event of the course being cancelled. These are the only circumstances under which a refund will be made.

Payment is charged for a full course, not for individual sessions. Mind Your Bump is unable to give refunds for any sessions missed or cancelled by the client and cannot guarantee alternative dates.

All group courses require a minimum number of participants to run. If for any reason these numbers are not reached you will be notified. We will endeavour to offer you an alternative arrangement, but if no acceptable alternative can be found or agreed upon you will be entitled to a full refund.


Mind Your Bump reserves the right to amend or cancel any course, course times, dates or published prices. Changes to course prices, times and dates will be advised before the course start date and any course already paid in full will not be subject to the increased price. If the new time and date is not convenient to you Mind Your Bump will try to offer an alternative course but if one is not available, you will be given a refund for the session or sessions changed.

Data Protection

The participant also agrees that Rosie Henley and Mind Your Bump Ltd shall hold your details on file and on computer and, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, you are able to view your individual file by giving not less than seven days' written notice.

Intellectual property

Mind Your Bump uses the recordings and scripts provided by Katherine Graves of the hypnobirthing centre and hypnobirthing association. These materials and provided in good faith and with the permission of Katherine Graves and may not be used other than for the personal use of the participant without obtaining prior written permission. The participant agrees not to record the course or any part thereof.


This site is designed and intended for use via access within the United Kingdom. Mind Your Bump makes no guarantee that this site or the contents are either appropriate or comply for usage outside of the United Kingdom. We do not guarantee that this site will be consistently available, that your usage will be uninterrupted, that any viruses or other harmful data will not be transmitted, nor that any damage will not occur to your computer systems as a result of accessing and using this site. You agree to sole responsibility for adequately protecting your systems and taking appropriate precautions to prevent any of the above. 


Messages transferred via the internet, including but not limited to email and personal data, cannot be guaranteed to be completely secure. Although we will take precautions as necessary, Mind Your Bump accepts no responsibility for the security of these messages and will not be liable for any damages resulting from any message sent in connection with Mind Your Bump over the internet.


Using Hypnobirthing techniques is not a substitute for the advice of or the presence during birth or any part of pregnancy or labour of a qualified medical practitioner, midwife or obstetrician.It does not represent in fact or otherwise an alternative to appropriate medical care or for professional medical advice in any way shape or form.

Any questions or doubts that you have about the use of Hypnobirthing by you or any third party in any part should be discussed by you with your medical caregiver and the safety of or the appropriateness of this programme to you or any third party whom you represent be confirmed with your medical care giver prior to undertaking the programme.

Rosie Henley and Mind Your Bump accept no responsibility for the inappropriate use of Hypnobirthing techniques or complications or harm to any third party resulting from the use of Hypnobirthing techniques as a substitute for medical advice. Hypnobirthing is intended solely as an 'aid' to 'help' increase the comfort of labour and birth and is not in any way a guarantee or promise of expected, imagined or actual outcome of the labour or birth in any way shape or form.

Participation in Hypnobirthing classes in any part or in total by any person or third party is undertaken with the understanding by any persons or third party that no litigtion or legal action whatsoever will be initiated or that no form of compensation or reimbursement or refund will be claimed or applied for at any time now or in the future against Rosie Henley or Mind Your Bump under any circumstances whatsoever.


Any booking of a Hypnobirthing class assumes full and informed compliance to and agreement with all of these terms and conditions of sale. In the event of a dispute, English law pertains.