Testimonials and Birth Stories 



Sam and Baby Lela Rose


I’ve been recommending you to so many people! I had the most amazing labour, my water broke at home, got to hospital and gave birth in the pool, the whole labour was 4 and half hours. Hypnobirthing played a huge part in it. Myself and Angelo knew exactly what we were doing and what to expect. It was such a positive and empowering experience and I can’t thank you enough for your amazing course! X

Robine and Baby Luca

Hypnobirthing played an important role in the birth of my son. I had a very long labour and hypnobirthing enabled me to stay focused and remain calm. I was able to get to 9cm dilated without any pain relief. I was having a home birth and the midwives commented on how they felt as though they didn't even need to be there as my partner was able to keep me on track. I feel that although my labour was very long and didn't go to plan due to being transferred to hospital, I look back at my labour and feel very positive about it as I was able to keep it as natural as possible for as long as I could thanks to hypnobirthing.


Rebecca and Baby James 

I found the course really informative yet laid back, i felt like I could really talk about any fears regarding childbirth and discuss many ways that i could learn to keep calm and relax which i felt really helped my labour experience. I really recommend trying hypnobirthing!

Caro and Baby Raphael

My husband and I loved the course and will and have already recommended it to friends. The hypnobirthing really helped. I found it especially beneficial during the lead up to the birth. I went into the labour with a focused and relaxed mind set. This really helped me cope with the birth and I believe led to us having a healthy last bit of the pregnancy and give birth to a very healthy baby boy. Thanks so much Rosie.

Wizzy and Baby Louis

Thank you for everything you shared with us, it definitely helped put me in a positive frame of mind and kept me going throughout. x


Sara and Baby Lottie

I couldn’t recommend hypnobirthing enough! It especially helped with the lead up to the birth as I went in to labour feeling well informed about what was going to happen to me, which made for a calming experience. My active labour was recorded as 2 hours, and I got to fully dilated without any pain relief, just by using the breathing techniques I had been taught by Rosie. Rosie is so approachable and has even helped me with some queries since having my baby girl! Thank you Rosie! X

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