What is KG Hypnobirthing?

The KG Hypnobirthing course is a complete antenatal education and hypnobirthing course. It will provide you with simple but practical information about pregnancy and birth, and how to achieve the birth experience you’d like through hypnobirthing.

Often people are sceptical about the term hypnobirthing as they envisage stage hypnosis. Rest assured this is very different. Hypnobirthing can help you dispel the fear and negativity around pregnancy and birth, and replace it with positivity, calm and confidence, and can help you achieve the birth that you’d like.

It is taught in a very logical and evidence based format which is accessible and easy to understand, and it is interesting. The course involves practical demonstrations of the power of the mind, and listening to relaxations, which will allow you to experience straightway how easy and simple it is, and how it works and will have a positive effect on your pregnancy and birth experience.